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H-D 1F Easy Pull Clutch Lever

H-D 1F Easy Pull Clutch Lever

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This lever assembly comes as a 1-finger length lever.

These items may be discolored, uneven anodizing, poor engraving, scratched, or have previously been mounted to a bike.

These products are 100% functional and work perfectly fine.

This is a Bargain Bin lever, these only come in the colors/size stated above, picture is of the actual part. There is no changing the color or lever length. What you see is what you get.

The ELITE Easy Pull Clutch Lever is a highly precision CNC machined lever made of 6061 aircraft aluminum. We have gone the extra mile to make sure our product is perfect. We have also spent the time necessary to provide a smooth look and finish. Our finish isn't only for the eyes, It also provides a purpose.

Every component of the clutch lever assembly goes through an extensive quality check, such as the machining process, anodize, logo, assembly, and most importantly, look and function. Our lever offers perfect cable alignment, so there isn't any cable rubbing/dragging. It gives you the optimum easy pull while maintaining the necessary clutch disengagement your bike requires. Adjusting the lever to your liking is very important to us. With an excellent fit to the bar, you can easily rotate the entire perch up and down while also adjusting the position of the lever in conjunction with the bar with the set screw mounted to the side of the perch.
Easy Pull Clutch Lever:
Our patented easy pull clutch lever offers 30% less force to pull over the stock lever, utilizing the stock Harley clutch cable without modification and works on all Harley with the eye or loop style cable. The Elite clutch lever only takes minutes to install without the need to disassemble our lever/perch assembly. Our clutch levers come standard with two sealed ball bearings pressed into the lever while using a custom pivot bolt to secure it into the perch body.

NOTE: For the bikes with a clutch safety switch, the clutch lever assembly does NOT utilize the switch, and the bike will either need to be started in neutral, or the switch deactivated. The switch itself can be found in the clutch side switch housing.
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